Further development of production processes and machine technology

Article: Further development of production processes and machine technology

With our specialist knowledge of production processes and machine technology in the field of vehicle maintenance, we stand ready to help you improve how your workshop performs in terms of profitability or quality.

We can provide you with the following products:

Development support for plants and processes

Are the plants or technologies available to you simply not enough? Are you developing them to such an extent they are coming up against the limits of existing regulations?

The increasing competitive pressure being felt on the market by rail transport companies, vehicle maintenance providers and component maintenance providers means they need to keep on developing their manufacturing and production processes all the time. This must be done in the context of the changing regulatory landscape and when new processes are introduced into production, this often requires proof of equal safety or different safety methods (CSM). DB Systemtechnik supports you on this path to increasing the RAM/LCC performance of existing systems and finding new technologies for replacement investments, from the idea to implementation, through to validating the effect of new technologies.

Our services:

  • Innovation management and cross-sector technology monitoring
  • Execution of vulnerability analyses
  • Value stream mapping
  • Optimisation of production/treatment processes
  • Identification of potential fields for research and development
  • Estimation of technology readiness level
  • Technology transfer across companies and sectors
  • Evaluation or proof that technologies comply with regulations, formulation of necessary supplementary and adaptation measures for quality management systems

Your benefits:

  • Increase the efficiency of your workshops
  • Continuous further development to ensure competitiveness
  • Cost-effective implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Avoidance of production losses and restrictions from introducing immature, inappropriate or insufficiently prepared technologies
Process development for production and maintenance

What potential is there for optimising your production process?

Can you exploit this potential using infrastructure or organisational means? Process analysis and subsequent process optimisation serve to continuously and sustainably improve the efficiency of existing business and production processes, as well as utilisation of the required resources. Through our nationwide deployment in maintenance workshops, we have up-to-date expertise in the production and supporting processes around vehicle and component maintenance. We can share this knowledge with you in workshops and discussions in order to improve performance in terms of vehicle provision and maintenance, intralogistics, component production or plant maintenance.

Our services:

  • Process analysis and process optimisation in production, work scheduling, maintenance and logistics
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Identification and quantification of optimisation potential
  • Preparation, facilitation and evaluation of workshops
  • Preparation of the results in different stages as
  • concepts
  • process and sequence illustration
  • coordinated proposals and descriptions of measures
  • Design description of infrastructure adaptation measures

Your benefits:

  • Efficient formulation and high quality of results through
  • incorporating benchmarks from solutions implemented in DB workshops nationwide
  • integrating planning concepts for infrastructure design
  • Internal acceptance through neutral facilitation and calculation documentation
Optimisation of operations

Do you want to reduce the costs of maintaining your plant capacity or increase its performance quality?

Plant, machinery and equipment are integrated systems with numerous control variables affecting their operation. Conceptual design errors, operational shortcomings or inadequate plant maintenance can lead to unexpected costs and also jeopardise the intrinsic value of the plant technology, vehicles and their components. A review of plant performance therefore often reveals measures that can be implemented to tap potential in terms of both quality and cost. Identification and implementation require expertise in the specific technology, cross-site experience and a methodical approach to implementation. DB Systemtechnik is here to support you as a neutral partner.

Our services:

  • Selection of suitable plant parameters and plant sites for the analysis
  • Recording and comparison of defined plant parameters, analysis of the key performance indicators derived from them
  • Recommendation on how to optimise the operating and maintenance parameters, proposal of expansion or adaptation measures for the plants
  • Implementation support and realisation monitoring

Your benefits:

  • Reduction in the costs of maintaining your plant capacity through a holistic consideration of all cost items from the areas of operation, maintenance and depreciation
  • Use of best practice experiences of other plant operators
  • Exploitation of the full performance potential of your production plant
  • Calculation and profitability evaluation of efficient expansion and development options
Tender documents for framework contracts

Do you need a maintenance contract for your plant?

Do you need to keep procuring plants on a recurring basis? Then a framework contract is the thing for you. You get all the advantages of a standardised product at a reasonable price that is easy to call off and has a short lead time. This is based on a standard service catalogue that describes the products to be procured in technical terms, irrespective of the specific case in question, and structures them into cross-manufacturer requirement categories and modules. Call-off orders are issued by those employees in the various divisions who are authorised to create call-off documents. This leads to competition among suppliers for larger annual production batches and facilitates attractive conditions over a defined period of time, both in terms of procurement price and delivery terms. We are happy to assist you with preparation, tendering, contract awarding and calling off.

Our services:

  • Determination of demand for recurring products in your workshops
  • Review of whether it is possible to consolidate these products across the board
  • Formulation of a standard service catalogue as a basis for the tender, including a description of the required products and further sub-products
  • Selection of suitable suppliers based on technical suitability criteria including references
  • Support in calling off services via call-off documents

Your benefits:

  • Realisation of procurement synergies
  • Reliable costs for defined services over the long term
  • Elimination of time-consuming and expensive national and Europe-wide tenders in favour of short-term ordering via call-off forms for the framework contract
  • Procurement of standard equipment (e.g. lifting jacks, work platforms) and services (e.g. inspection services) in accordance with the latest state of the art