Project preparation: Building the project foundations

Article: Project preparation: Building the project foundations

We can help you to shape and prepare your project in order to create all the conditions you will need for qualified implementation.

We offer:

Development of infrastructure projects

Are you creating the necessary conditions to start a project?

Translating the results of a feasibility study into a specific project takes energy, time and a structured approach to ensure that the project requirements specification is formulated to a sufficient degree and the necessary structures are set up. We support you through this important phase methodically and with our extensive experience in the conceptual design, planning and implementation of projects aiming to design infrastructure for rail vehicle maintenance and component reconditioning.

Our services:

  • Facilitation of workshops and processing of their results in order to coordinate project requirements and tasks
  • Compilation of qualified project requirements specifications for infrastructure projects
  • Formulation of project structures and workflows, definition of targets for sub-projects, assessment of the necessary resources on the client side
  • Support in identifying funding opportunities and applying for funding
  • Consulting and engineering services in accordance with VDI 5200 "Factory planning" in the project and process analysis phases
  • Active involvement in transferring the project to the planning phase

How you benefit

  • Reduction in the additional burden on your line organisation during the project set-up phase
  • Creation of a reliable basis for project execution through the use of workshop-specific empirical data, quality standards and quality gates during project preparation
  • Professional support in the preparation of draft resolutions and the compilation of all documents and data required for further planning
Profitability analyses

Do you need to assess whether the planned variant or the continuation variant of an infrastructure development is the best value option for you?

Of course, such details are worked out in close collaboration with your company's commercial departments and you yourself will know best how the content fits together and what the fundamental arguments are. However, we can take care of manual implementation in the software tools for you, as well as coordinating the detailed figures with those involved from the production department. We have extensive experience in the vehicle maintenance production environment, as well as with the calculation programs commonly used within the DB Group. This means we can quickly provide statements on realistic parameters for design variants, so your decision will have the necessary resilience.

Our services

  • Innovation management and cross-sector technology monitoring
  • Creation of a transaction in DB Invest or using alternative methods
  • Collection, consolidation and validation of data
  • Entry of data into IT forms
  • Creation of variants
  • Compilation of the results

How you benefit

  • The end user does not have to bother with the training and registration required for DB Invest or alternative methods
  • High level of decision-making certainty thanks to the provision of validated data from projects that have already been carried out
  • The calculation, all initial data and variants are permanently documented and archived centrally
  • Application of standardised, professional calculation methods takes into account all current concerns such as public subsidies, tax issues and the situation on the financial markets
Design and project review

Is your workshop project on the right track?

There are numerous internal instruments and committees that seek to ensure the quality of project implementation, but having external experts review designs at defined milestones can be a valuable aid. From our many years of experience in all phases of conversion and new-build projects for rail vehicle and component reconditioning workshops, we have extensive expertise that you can leverage in your project to qualify design results or assess changes. We can also help you to evaluate budgets and action plans; to assess the appropriateness of the visions that have been drawn up; and to resolve conflicts within the project by formulating neutral opinions and alternative design approaches.

Our services

  • Review of design results and the associated accompanying documents as well as basic data from the main planning phases
  • Definition of the scope of the design results
  • Evaluation of defined targets, identification of criteria for evaluating designs
  • Development of evaluation matrices and proposed weightings
  • Evaluation of design results and project risks (second opinion)
  • Formulation of proposals for increasing quality or supplementing designs
  • Design review and underpinning of mechanical engineering designs

How you benefit

  • Reduced project risks through objective project evaluation
  • Increased acceptance of project results through external validation
  • Uncovering of potential savings through
  • restriction to functional solutions
  • incorporating benchmarks from solutions implemented in DB workshops nationwide