Re-investment: Preparing for adaptations and modernisations

Article: Re-investment: Preparing for adaptations and modernisations

We can help you to calculate re-investment times, develop concepts and take the necessary steps to modernise your manufacturing facilities or adapt them to new product generations.

We can provide you with the following products:

Condition assessment for plant, machinery and equipment

Is your plant getting on a bit? Do you need an estimate of its remaining economic life?

It is often difficult to know whether continuing to run an existing plant or procuring a new one is the most cost-effective option. In order to make the right decision, all cost blocks and additional sales potential must be identified and prepared accordingly. We support you through this decision-making process with expertise and experience of specific machine technology and the maintenance task at hand. If you decide to continue running an existing plant, we develop concepts to improve maintenance and operation. If you decide to invest in a replacement, we suggest cost-effective variants suitable for your production needs.

Our services:

  • Recording the condition of the machinery
  • Load history and state of wear
  • Reliability, operating and maintenance costs
  • Evaluation of plant maintenance intervals, tasks and processes
  • Identification of optimisation measures and potential savings
  • Forecasting of required maintenance expenses and re-investment dates for plant, machinery and equipment
  • Description of performance characteristics of suitable successor machines

Your benefits:

  • Qualification of decision-making processes for procuring plant
  • Independent validation of maintenance budgets or profitability analyses for new plant procurement
  • Reduction of plant failures
  • Reliable estimation of the time and resource requirements of procurement projects
  • Proof of efficiency through external benchmarks
Workshop interfaces for new and converted vehicles

Are you expanding your vehicle fleet with new or modified classes?

Then you need an analysis of the workshop interfaces for these new classes as early as possible. It is important to bring together all three perspectives here: maintenance production, vehicle and component engineering, and implementation of the infrastructure in mechanical and civil engineering. DB Systemtechnik achieves this with experienced railway engineers from the specialist maintenance engineering department. As a result, you get planning and cost certainty for exactly those new construction, conversion or adaptation measures that are needed to perform cost-effective vehicle maintenance on the new fleet.

Our services:

  • Development of vehicle-related maintenance concepts for workshops
  • Analysis of existing and definition of required documentation for vehicles
  • Drafting of vehicle and fleet-related workshop requirement profiles
  • Presentation of effects on existing infrastructure, identification of design solutions on the infrastructure and vehicle side
  • Preparation and documentation of workshop interfaces as drawings, geometry and weight specifications, free lifting heights, force application points and special tools

Your benefits:

  • High quality of project preparation without any additional burden on the line organisation
  • Planning and budget security for infrastructure measures
  • Narrowing down of task descriptions for infrastructure/equipment planners
  • Cost transparency by working out the functional infrastructure requirements of new classes, staggered according to maintenance levels
  • Early knowledge of the impact on workshops enables overall cost-minimising measures to be introduced on the vehicle design side
Warehouse and logistics concepts

Are you facing changes in your workshop's product portfolio? Do you need to build or expand a spare parts or large components warehouse?

The first step on the path to realising high-performing and cost-effective systems is a warehouse and logistics concept for supplying materials to work stands and production lines that is tailored to your on-site conditions. As specialists in the field of function-oriented infrastructure planning for rail vehicle workshops, we take a holistic approach to maintenance processes. We support you with high-quality consulting and design services to create your very own warehouse technology and intralogistics concept.

Our services:

  • Material consumption analyses for guaranteeing and making decisions with regard to scoping and structure
  • Review and plausibility check of initial spare parts requirements that are reported
  • Drafting of concepts and selection of processes, transport and storage systems for designing old/new parts and operating material logistics for work stands
  • Conceptual design and potential evaluation of the use of driverless material-handling equipment
  • Design of high-density, automated small parts storage systems and automatic storage and retrieval units for pallet racking systems
  • Drafting of tender documents and involvement from the awarding of contracts through to realisation and implementation

Your benefits:

  • Efficient formulation, high-quality results and future-oriented solutions by incorporating benchmarks from solutions implemented in DB workshops nationwide
  • Production-oriented conceptual design and planning by experienced workshop engineers
  • Restriction on warehouse inventories and space requirements by optimising the provisioning process and the storage location strategy
Production and factory planning: Component manufacturing

How can you further develop your component manufacturing?

We can help you to answer this question by providing expert consulting and design services, from analysis to implementation and commissioning of new plant components or production lines. We provide you with state-of-the-art solutions for meeting your conceptual maintenance requirements cost-effectively, whether in the context of production reorganisation projects or product portfolio expansions. When it comes to design, we are your expert contact for the HOAI or VDI planning procedure, or for creating synergetic designs based on both procedures.

Our services:

  • Analysis of your component workshop
  • Recording of the current status
  • Investigation into the maintenance process, material flow and intralogistics
  • Optimisation potential in manufacturing processes and mechanical engineering
  • Design of your component workshop
  • Identification of requirements from the ECM 2 maintenance rules
  • Formulation of the target status in variants
  • Cost estimates
  • Coordinated results report
  • Concept and detailed layout design of the workshops
  • Formulation of performance specifications for plant and machinery

Your benefits:

  • Efficient formulation and high quality of results through
  • incorporating benchmarks from solutions implemented in DB workshops nationwide
  • involving DB Systemtechnik's specialist component services
  • Detailed knowledge of the supplier market of specific machine technology
3D scan of maintenance sheds and plants

Does your new plant fit into the existing building? What needs to be converted for this to happen?

Your as-built plans do not correspond exactly to the reality on the ground in the workshop. When you start creating new plans, experience has shown that a 3D laser scan depicts the current status more accurately. We can help you by recording your maintenance sheds, workshops and facilities using terrestrial 3D laser scans. These provide you with an illustration that is updated daily and that we can overlay with new plans so their fit can be checked and optimised at an early stage. You will see a depiction of any clashes and, if required, the data can be prepared in such a way that it can be viewed on your own PC in a suitable viewer. We use products from Leica and Autodesk.

Our services:

  • 3D laser scan recording of your maintenance sheds, workshops and facilities
  • Further processing of the data:
  • Assembly
  • Reconditioning for 3D CAD
  • Provision to the client
  • Depiction of deviations from the target geometry, e.g. uneven floors shown in a different colour
  • Clash detection for newly planned installations and fixtures
  • Re-recording of partial areas with already existing 3D scan data
  • Virtual tour of workshops

Your benefits:

  • Up-to-date as-built documentation in the latest, BIM-compatible formats
  • Clear representation of deviations from the target status
  • Highly reliable feasibility assessments in confined spaces
  • Clear presentation of the workshop and the planning procedure