VDV document 889 (ZfP regulations)

Article: VDV document 889 (ZfP regulations)

Industry regulations to ensure legal certainty and increase efficiency in the NDT of vehicle components

With the aim of harmonizing existing regulations for non-destructive testing in the railway sector, DB Systemtechnik GmbH, on the initiative of the Committee for Railway Vehicles (AEF) and with the participation of a team of experts from DB and NE-Bahn, published VDV publication 889 "Non-destructive testing (ZfP ) on railway vehicles and their components" are created and continuously developed.

The VDV specification 889 offers manufacturers and ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance - the bodies responsible for maintenance) a NDT set of rules tailored to their specific needs, consisting of:

  • a basic part with the principles, general test instructions and associated forms for test reports (test methods VT, MT, UT, ET, PT, RT),
  • general test instructions for mechanized ultrasonic testing of axles and wheels,
  • supplementary and modularly available packages with test plans as well as component- and process-related part-specific documents.

Licensees of VDV publication 889 received

  • online access to the selected regulations in pdf format for download
  • regular updates during the license period the possibility of considering individual user requirements in the further development of VDV publication 889 (including the English version)

The VDV publication 889 offers

  • all requirements for meeting current and future legal requirements and industry standards through technical harmonization,
  • User-oriented and uniform set of rules within the framework of an ECM-compliant structure,
  • User-oriented formulation - created and checked by the experienced team of experts
  • Competitive and cost advantages resulting from industry-wide establishment and cross-company scope.

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Do you still have questions about the new NDT set of rules?

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