Monitoring solutions for your infrastructure

Article: Monitoring solutions for your infrastructure

Our infrastructure monitoring solutions provide you with continuous information to detect and avoid potential problems early on.

CTM: The Continuous Track Monitoring measurement system for regular trains continuously monitors the "longitudinal level" parameter of the track geometry in terms of inspection quality. In this way, infrastructure asset officers obtain accurate information about track geometry quality and can plan any necessary repairs in a timely, targeted manner.

COLM: The Continuous Overhead Line Monitoring measurement system for regular trains continuously monitors the essential parameters for the interaction between the pantograph and the overhead line. This system is installed on the roof of the vehicle, enabling you to detect faults in the overhead line early on.

STIM: The Stationary Infrastructure Monitoring solution is intended for other infrastructures, not just track and overhead line. Stationary tilt sensors provide reliable data about the condition of embankments, tunnels, bridges, buildings, plots of land, roads and much more.

What we offer you:

We can tailor these infrastructure monitoring solutions precisely to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a standalone system or a comprehensive all-in-one solution, DB Systemtechnik's monitoring solutions have everything you need.

Specifically, we can support you as follows:

  • Advice on the best monitoring solution for you
  • Selection and procurement of sensor technology
  • Integration into your rail vehicles or stationary infrastructure
  • Certification and approval of measuring instruments on rail vehicles
  • Operation of measuring instruments
  • Data transfer and data analysis

And, of course, our experts can also advise on any necessary repairs.

The benefits for you:

Thanks to our expert knowledge and many years of experience in rail systems, we can find the best solution for you:

  • Our monitoring solutions impress in terms of their reliability, the quality of their measurement results, and their robust system architecture.
  • With CTM, you can optimise your track infrastructure maintenance while achieving a cost savings of up to 30%.
  • With COLM you can detect overhead line faults early on.
  • STIM's powerful sensor technology, which is completely autonomous thanks to an external power supply, will also enable you to detect faults on many other railway infrastructures in future and ensure that they are repaired in good time.
  • Monitoring as a service: Simply avail of our online solution – we will take care of the rest.




The CTM measurement and diagnostic system has been operational at DB Netz AG since 2013. At present, it continuously monitors more than 3,500 km of track on the DB rail network, thereby providing infrastructure asset officers with weekly reports on the condition of their track infrastructure. CTM has also been operational in Switzerland since 2018 and in Turkey since last year.


Our monitoring solution for measurement inspections of the contact wire position in accordance with DB Guidelines (DVT 201, DVT 202) has been approved at DB Netz AG since 2016.

International track infrastructure operators can now also access our complete monitoring solution.


Over 300 sensors for natural hazard monitoring have been installed in the infrastructure sector of DB Netz AG since 2022. Installation of an additional 200 sensors for selective track geometry monitoring is planned for this year.  

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