Vehicle approval

Article: Vehicle approval

Individual registration procedure - efficient, reliable in planning and in accordance with national and European requirements.

DB Systemtechnik covers the complete range of services required for obtaining approval for placing vehicles on the market (GIF as per the Fourth Railway Package).

This means we can offer you a customised approval procedure that is efficient, reliable and compliant with national and European requirements.

DB Systemtechnik's resources and expertise in the approvals process:

  • Our own test rigs and laboratories for tests
  • Our own assessors/inspectors and experts for all technical topics relevant to approval
  • Our own rail company with complete handling of on-line running tests and inspection runs (incl. driver, traction unit and track geometry car)

Coordination of all necessary approval activities incl. approval by certified project managers

  • Planning and control of all services for approval, tests in the testing laboratory and on the track, the necessary expert opinions/inspection reports and conformity assessments
  • Planning of the necessary scope of testing in all participating countries (areas of application) while optimising the duration of the tests and their coordination with the authorities involved within the framework of an approval strategy
  • Support for the classification of the change in accordance with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/545
  • Support for applications in the One Stop Shop of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA)
  • Identification of European and national rules (TSI and NNTR) and selection of modules to be applied
  • Coordination of the required verifications with the bodies involved
  • Coordination of certification activities with NoBos and DeBos, and execution of the inspection as AsBo
  • ETCS approval management and consulting for manufacturers and owners for new construction, conversion and upgrade 
  • Verification management for ETCS acceptance runs
  • Checking of documents, examination of quality, e.g. in the production phase
  • Explanation of the results

Planning and execution of the required on-line running tests:

  • Organisation of the necessary official approvals including network access for on-line running tests, e.g. as per EIGV
  • Application for network access for on-line running tests
  • Application for timetables
  • Execution of the on-line running tests